Dési is a fast food chain, which represents an ideal mix of traditional Czech cuisine with modern facilities and attitude to food.

During many years of its existence, Dési has profiled itself as a high-quality snack bar with an emphasis on maximum freshness of its food. In the long term, the most popular product from the range of products that Dési stores offer are open sandwiches. The taste and crispness of bread rolls in combination with delicious spread raised this traditional Czech dish to a brand new level.

From the warm dishes we recommend – an unbeatable fried schnitzel with original potato salad, grilled chicken with mashed potatoes or a dietary chicken steak with warm vegetables.

Everything with maximum emphasis on the first-class quality of all ingredients used.

Our food is always fresh – premium quality – delicious


Opening hours

Mo - Su: 7:00 - 19:00

Phone: +420 724 349 599

Internet: https://www.desi.cz/